Community Development Action Plan

The Community Development Action Plan (CDAP) represents the practical road map for guaranteeing the full exploitation of the DIGI-BREAKER PLUS methodology, supporting not only educators, operators, and counsellors interested in adopting the DIGI-BREAKER PLUS approach in their daily activities, but also fostering the use of our proposal inside local learning centres, libraries, civil
society spaces and the wider community (NGOs, local authorities, and health and cultural centres).

DIGI-BREAKER+ Community of Practice

A group of people dedicated to making it easier to find new job opportunities, by developing digital
and green competences, sharing skills and knowledge, and supporting each other and thriving

Support and Orient Adult Learners

CDAP provides information to counsellors and educators on how to use the DB+ skills course to support
and orient adult learners, increase their motivation, and access opportunities for upskilling.

digital tools

Guidelines for educators and counsellors on how to promote competences and qualifications.

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